10 Top ‘Safer’ S&P 500 Dividend Dogs Set To Gain 9% To 24%

 24 of 68 S&P 500 Index stocks showed price gains and free cash flow yields greater than dividend yields as of 3/13/17. Those 24 were tagged “safer” with gains and cash to cover dividends.

Top 10 “safer” March S&P 500 Index annual yields ranged 4.41%-9.21% from NAVI, OKE, T, M, KSS, VTR, STX, HST, SPLS, CTL. Their cash flow yields ranged 5.32%-29.04%.

Besides safety margin, S&P 500 dogs also reported payout-ratios (lower is better), total annual returns, and dividend growth, as of 3/13/17 to further validate their strength. Total annual returns gauged price action.

Matched against top ten Dow Dogs, the “safe”  S&P ten produced 49% more dividend at 41% of the Dow Dog price. Continue reading “10 Top ‘Safer’ S&P 500 Dividend Dogs Set To Gain 9% To 24%”

Dogs of the S&P 500 compare well to the S & P 500

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