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  • Average Current Dividend Yield of 4.68%
  • Year-to-Date Return of 20.38%
  • Trailing 1 Year Return of 17.63%
  • Annualized Lifetime Return of 10.41%

A benchmark performance review of Durig’s unique Dogs of the S&P 500 Portfolio that examines the income benefit the portfolio can provide, also exploring some of the achievements the portfolio has had in lifetime performance.

October Performance Highlights

  • Average Current Dividend Yield of 4.68%
  • Year-to-Date Return of 20.38%
  • Trailing 1 Year Return of 17.63%
  • Annualized Lifetime Return of 10.41%
  • Alpha of 1.69 (vs Benchmark*)
  • Beta of 0.72 (vs Benchmark*)
(all performance is reported net of fee as of 10-15-19)

Over 4.5% Income

Durig’s Dogs of the S&P 500 Portfolio focuses investment on some of the higher yielding blue chip dividend stocks listed on the S&P 500. The portfolio features a current average dividend yield of over 4.5%– meaning over 4.5% in dividend income flows into your portfolio each year.

What could you do with a 4.5% income boost?

In addition to over 4.5% in dividend income each year, the portfolio also has significant growth potential should the undervalued stocks held in the portfolio increase in price. To give you an idea of how the dividend income and potential stock appreciation can add up, the portfolio has produced a whopping Year-to-Date Return of 20.38%.

Outperforming in Volatile Markets

There is no question that 2018 was a rough year for the stock market– in fact, one of the most volatile years in the last 10 years, but Durig’s Dogs of the S&P 500 Portfolio was able to produce double digit returns well above its closest benchmarks.

While there is no guarantee that this trend will continue, the portfolio’s successful “trial by fire” in the tumultuous financial markets of 2018 certainly helps to validate the efficacy of this unique strategy.

So what was it that allowed Durigs Dogs of the S&P 500 to exceed the returns of its closest benchmark in this extremely volatile period by over 6%?

Simply put, correlation.

Durig’s portfolio has a Beta of 0.72 (vs the S&P 500), meaning that, theoretically, it will rise by 0.72% for every 1% increase that the S&P 500 experiences.  This low correlation and beta can act as a shield against significant market volatility, helping to create a smoother and more enjoyable ride for investors in light of today’s erratic financial markets.

Finding Yield and Income in a Lower Interest Rate Environment

With US Treasuries and Bank Rates now continuing to yield less and less (1.58% for the US 2 YR Treasury and 1.75% for the US 10 YR Treasury), many investors are asking for high quality investments that can earn a decent return while generating income without having to wait years and years.

Durig’s Dogs of the S&P 500 may have found an excellent solution.

High Quality Blue Chip Dividend Stocks.

The blue chip dividend stocks contained in Durig’s Portfolio are some of the highest yielding stocks (with respect to dividends) listed on the S&P 500, very similar to the high yield blue chip stocks in the Dogs of the Dow.

These blue chip companies are known for consistently paying very high dividends to their shareholders and are reluctant to make changes to the dividends that will adversely impact their shareholders.

The stability present in these companies provide a kind of “blue chip peace of mind” for investors, and is typically evidenced in the dividend stability, and other areas such as strong leadership, the ability to consistently produce robust earnings and growth, and strong, continued execution of strategic initiatives.


For investors seeking increased incomes, strong historical performance, and peace of mind in volatile markets, Durig’s Dogs of the S&P 500 Portfolio of blue chip dividend stocks look to be an excellent option, with professional management, all at a very low cost.

For More Information

If you have any questions or would like further information Durig’s Dogs of the S&P 500 Portfolio, please call Durig at (971) 327-8847, or email us at info@durig.com.

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Disclaimer: Past performance is no indication of future success. Any performance shown is this publication is as of 10-15-19. * The Primary Benchmark used is S&P 500 TR Idx. The high yield strategies presented in this review by Durig Capital may not be suitable for all investors.  This is not investment advice from Durig Capital, nor a specific recommendation to buy or sell securities. If you have any questions or concerns about its suitability for your personal investment, you should seek specific investment advice from a registered professional before making an investment decision.